Best Ideas for your Wedding Send-off

Your wedding is here and you want to make sure you get every detail crossed off your large list – including your dramatic exit! Are you stumped on the best ideas for your wedding send-off? Your wedding send off will be the last thing your friends and family will remember about your night, and the pictures and videos will last a life time! Whether you love the flair, or you’re more low-key, we have a send off idea to fit your style and theme.

We live in Texas – the greatest state around! We have the beautiful weather, the most diverse communities, and the biggest dreams of how we want our weddings to end. Unfortunately, living in Texas can have one down side. It is dry and can risk catching things on fire easily, which means Mediterranean Villa cannot have sparklers lit during your grand send-off. But that’s okay! Here is a list of the best ideas  for your wedding send-off:

Best Ideas for your Wedding Send-off: Fun & Simple



best ideas for your wedding send -off

Bubbles is the number one choice for any exit because they are fun, make the pictures great, and are very affordable in bulk. You can personalize them by ordering them with your name and date already on them, wrap them in a simple ribbon to accent your color combination, or even leave them simple and blank. Make sure you test them out before purchasing a lot of them! You want to make sure you have good bubbles for great pictures! We also recommend using a bubble machine to take your bubbles to the next level!


Ribbon wands


Ribbon wands can end your night off on a romantic feel and still keep it clean and classy as they wave their ribbons in joy as you and your beloved say goodbye.



Waving Handkerchiefs


Weddings are a time to laugh, celebrate, and cry tears of joy! Nothing will be the same after your wedding day and this becomes a great personalized gift for your friends and family to take home. Have your handkerchiefs embroidered with your last name, date, or wishes from the bride and groom! You can get them in your color theme and have your guests wave them as you ride off to your new life together.

Large Feathers


best ideas for wedding send off

Having a Great Gatsby, Roaring Twenties, or even romantic, whimsical wedding theme? Incorporate large feathers and be tickled with joy as you say goodbye!


Best Ideas for your Wedding Send-off: Light up the Night


LED Light Up Baton Glow Sticks


best ideas for wedding send-off

The LED Glow Wands are a great gift and fun for pictures and videos! We find many guests playing with them long after the send off. They flash an assortment of colors and make the guests really smile from ear to ear during your last photos! If you want your guests to feel like kids again, we recommend the LED Glow Wands found here:


Glow Sticks


These are great to pass out when the DJ drops the beat! This way your guests can play with the glow sticks on the dance floor with the lights off and get their groove on in style! Later, during your send off, your guests will already have the glow sticks on hand, and it will be easy for them to whip them around during your send off to give your photos that fun party feel!


Hand Lanterns


“This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine!” – with this romantic, chic, and great favor your guests will love to take home! Hand lanterns will light up your send offs and may also make a great night light or decor for the home of your loved ones!


LED Pillar Candles


best ideas for wedding send off

Candles add so much to photos and feelings when it comes to decor, why not add them in your send offs? This idea is romantic, fun, and simple. Keep it LED candle style as we do not want any fires at Mediterranean Villa nor do we want them to blown out during this fun exit idea!


Fiber Optic Wands


Fiber Optic Wands are a great alternative to the brides and grooms that really wanted those sparklers to be their send off idea. If you’re looking for a no flame sparkler idea, this is the one! they still offer that same glow but your guests can take them home to use over and over again!


Best Ideas for your Wedding Send-off: Most Unique


Paper Airplanes


best ideas for wedding send off

Love to travel? Already been all over the world? Have a long distance relationship that you needed to be one plane ride away to see each other? Does your significant other work for the airlines? Regardless of the reason, paper airplanes are a unique send off style and gives your guests a feeling that, between the two of you, you will go far – in miles and in life!


Fun Saying Flags


best ideas for wedding send off

Get your creativity pants on as you and your loved ones sit down to create fun flags for your guests to wave you goodbye! Make it fun by putting your hashtag, “Yay!”, “OMG”, “last name”, etc and watch you laugh with your guests when you get your photos back with this most unique idea yet!


Beach Balls


best ideas for wedding send off

Love of the sea isn’t just for mermaids, nor should it just be at the beach. If you are planning your honeymoon in Cancun, met at a beach, or have a beach themed wedding, why not add beach balls to your wedding exit? Guests will love to take these home for their own beach getaway vacations and who doesn’t take up the chance to throw things at the bride and groom!


Cap Guns


Into hunting? Love the range? Is your significant other from the army, military, or police force? Bring your guests back to the 90s with this fun idea of cap guns and watch you leave with a BANG!


Smoke  Bombs


best ideas for wedding send off

We recommend having a vendor for this one. Keep in mind that not using the proper smoke bomb may leave stains on clothing but this is an amazing idea for those who want a dramatic exit and have your exit be the talk of the next century. This has been named the “hottest wedding trend” by Huffington Post that has a dramatic and photo-worthy send off we don’t think we will tire of any time soon!


Best Ideas for your Wedding Send-off: Loud & Cheerful




Love of music and fun but have absolutely none or limited talent with instruments? Take up the kazoo! you can personalize them with your new last name or date and let your guests sing you away with their own song of “love”.


Percussion Instruments (tambourines/maracas)


best ideas for wedding send-off

Boho more your style but still in love with music? Throw some fun and personalized percussion instruments your guests way! You can decorate your tambourines in lace, ribbon, and your date or the maracas can be dipped in your favorite colors! This idea is sure to impress your guests as they drop their own beat during your send off!


Ringing Bells/Cow Bells


WE NEED MORE COWBELL! This idea is a no-mess success! Have your guests ring tiny bells or that rustic cowbell as you depart for a melodious goodbye!


Cheering Pom-poms


best ideas for wedding send-off

Give me a “Y” “E” “S”! YES! You did it! Congratulations! You are hitched! Aren’t weddings a time of celebration? Break out those Pom-Poms and let them shower you with cheers!



Best Ideas for your Wedding Send-off: Get Back to Nature




Keep your send off traditional and say it with butterflies! This idea is great for a brunch time wedding send off. Releasing butterflies symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter in life.




Releasing doves during your wedding is a very traditional and amazing experience. This is a moment one wont forget and the symbolism is amazing. This wonderful moment between you and your loved one will carry the same meaning because the release of doves symbolize love, commitment, and a long and happy marriage. Congratulations!


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best ideas for your wedding send-off. Whatever your send-off idea, we recommend talking to your facility about is allowed. We want you to have a safe time during your big day, up until the very the end! Keep it fun, simple, and about you! Congratulations of your engagement!

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