Leap Year Wedding


Leap Year Wedding in DFW

The year of 2020 is full of unique and memorable dates for weddings, but the most memorable of all will be Leap Day Wedding! Leap day only occurs every four years, but luckily the next leap day will come soon on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

Many couples choose February 29th as their wedding date because it is fun and unique, and it leaves a memorable day the couple and their guests. Some couples may joke that now they only have to remember their anniversary every four years, but we think this unique date makes it actually easier to remember.

Leap Year couples may only have an “official” anniversary every four years, but this gives them more time to celebrate a little bigger every four years (think a special vacation, or a special purchase for the home). On a non-leap year, couples can still celebrate their wedding day on a different day such as February 28th or March 1st .

We can’t help but to think of all of the fun ways to plan a leap year wedding! Couples can ask their guests to “save your extra day for us” when they send their save the dates, or they can use wordings such as “Take a leap of faith with us!”, or “We’re taking the leap!”

Also, the hashtag ideas are never-ending:

#weleaped #takingtheleap #Harmontakestheleap #leapingintohisarms

……We could do this all day!

Leap Day falls on a Saturday, which is the perfect and most sought-after day of the week for weddings.

Luckily if you’re planning a leap year wedding and still need a venue, Mediterranean Villa has availability! Happy Leap Year!


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