Planning your Event during Covid-19

It may seem that Covid-19 has thrown a wrench in all of our plans, but with today’s technology, it should not stop you from planning your special event.

Today’s technology allows us to work from home, facetime with our friends and family, make payments online, homeschool, and even do virtual tours at museums and zoos! While these online options are not always ideal, they still give us a way to connect to the world and “get out” of the house without actually having to leave. Covid-19 has put a pause on some of our every day routines, but we are learning to adapt. We believe the technology at our fingertips will allow us to make our plans for the future.

Virtual Tours

We are excited to offer a new feature that allows you to tour our venue without having to step out of your house. Our virtual tour allows you to see our venue as if you were walking through it in real life. The tour allows you to see the venue in great detail, and you can even look at it from a bird’s eye view, or in a floor-plan view. While the current shelter-in-place restrictions prohibit you from visiting, we are confident that our virtual tour will offer you the peace of mind you need in order to solidify your decision to book an event with us.

Ready to take your tour? Then grab a glass of wine, sit back, and click the links below:

Chapel & Loft

Grand Ballroom

East and West Ballrooms


So, do you love what you see? If that’s a yes, please reach out to us for a custom proposal. Our staff is diligently working from home to ensure that you can continue planning your event during Covid-19.

Our Guarantee

We understand the risk that goes into making a financial investment during this world crisis. As a promise to commitment to you, we will be very flexible  in the case that you need to change your event date due to gathering restrictions. None of know how long the shelter-in-place regulations will last, so we understand the need to move the date seamlessly if needed. In the case that you need to move your event date, please reach out to us, and we will work with you to find an alternate available date.


If you book your event with us after taking the virtual tour, then we will offer the following exclusive discounts toward your venue rental:

Complimentary Chapel for all events!

$2,000 off Whole Ballroom- Saturdays

$1,500 off Whole Ballroom- Fridays & Sundays

$1,500 off East or West Ballroom- Saturdays

$1,000 off East or West Ballrooms- Fridays & Sundays

Additional Complimentary Services:

Champagne Toast (1 per guest)

Champagne & chocolates in the Bride Suite

Beer & Chips in the Groom Suite


If you have already received a proposal and toured our venue, please reach out to us for any additional discounts that may be available.

We are all in this together! We hope you and your family and friends stay safe, healthy, and happy! Our staff at Mediterranean Villa is here to help you plan your special event, even during these trying times!



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